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  • Blue Jelly Pearl

    Blue Jelly Pearl the Ultra Luxury House Boat

    • Five Bedrooms
    • Classy Living Room
    • Sundeck

    bluejelly pearl

    Upper deck can be accommodate

    • 120 pax in Theater Style
    • 75 pax in Cluster Style
    • 48 pax in Board room style
    • Multi cuisine

    bluejelly pearl

    Blue jelly pearl are filled with world-class comforts and luxuries, including well-mannered butlers B.J pearl can also come with a double deck, accommodating more people, where you can savor stunning views of the backwaters on the upper deck, which usually comprises of a huge hall with attached washrooms, a living area that features a TV and music system and a sundeck.

    bluejelly pearl

    For the lower deck, there could also be an air-conditioned double room with attached bathroom that can easily accommodate more people, and even a welcome area and a dining area.