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  • Blue Jelly Opal

    The latest in Houseboat Sophistication comes calling

    Class Exotica

    A world-class backwater yacht, the Blue Jelly Opal mirrors the precious aura of an opal stone. Part of Blue Jelly’s Ultra-Luxury series of houseboats, The Opal has a natural air of exotica, with its wood finished interiors and traditional ambience easing one into the fascinating outdoor landscape of Vembanad Lake.

    The Opal houses 3 bedrooms, each reflecting a different dimension of traditional Kerala luxury. Following a native theme, the houseboat is ideal for someone wanting to explore the backwaters like an aristocrat of yore. With friends, family or the love of your life.

    Timeless Interiors

    The Blue Jelly Opal like its predecessor, is all about ultra-luxury.
    More spacious than any other houseboat in its class, the main hall of The Opal reflects a mellow tone, with soft yellow lighting underneath the onyx tiles lending a definitive border to the brown teak floor. Elements of grey lend the much needed rustic flavour to the overall ambience.
    The corridor connecting the different rooms, continues this trend of wooden flooring interspersed with onyx tiles. It is especially beautiful to watch, when the lights are switched on at sunset.
    The outdoor deck is fitted with V-shaped railings topped with solid wood holdings. This ergonomic feature provides for best in-class leg room and safety while sitting outside.
    Inside, the dining table and bench are made from wood & copper strips, adding value to the theme. The cushioned seating is in sync with the cosiness of the inner deck, while floral hand-printed curtains complement the walnut finish ambience.

    Elegant Bedrooms

    With larger rooms in place, the bedrooms have been designed keeping your comfort as priority.

    Four-poster beds made from solid mahogany and fitted with double layered mattresses occupy pride of place in all the rooms while full length double-windows ensure a spectacular view of Kerala’s backwaters.

    Each room has a different tone to its theme, ranging from turquoise to grey and black & white chequered hues. The wall & roof works have been crafted in the image of authentic Kerala home interiors while designer tiles from Spain lend a feel of privilege to the bathrooms.

    Exotic Menu

    What’s royalty without the best of home-grown cuisine. Indulge in dishes made from freshly plucked vegetables and freshly reeled seafood, prepared by internationally trained Chefs on board The Blue Jelly Onyx. Dig into jumbo prawns, sear fish, white pomfret, native duck, chicken, pork or any combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare as per your liking. If interested, join our Chefs and learn on-hand the art of cooking traditional Kerala dishes.

    Top Personnel

    We understand your need to feel at ease while traversing the numerous alleys of the backwaters. Which is why we have well-trained personnel accompanying you on your whirlwind tour of the region. Apart from being expert swimmers, the personnel are also trained to help you slide to safety in the event of any distress. Onboard the palace among houseboats, you are nothing short of its rightful king.

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    Technical Specs

    • Length: 28.6 metres
    • Width: 4.88 metres
    • Depth: 1.4 metres
    • Generator: 15 kVA
    • Class: ULTRA LUXURY