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  • Blue Jelly Onyx

    The ultimate in Houseboat Luxury comes calling

    Class Differentiator

    In a league of its own, Blue Jelly Onyx is the most luxurious and expensive houseboat ever to grace the backwaters of Kerala. Classified as the only ultra-luxury houseboat in the State, the houseboat’s elegant physical structure is well complemented by the gold standard interiors, creative space utilisation and themed bedrooms on offer. Built for all kinds of travel and business purposes, The Blue Jelly Onyx is perfect to host a king-size party, hold elite board-meetings or romance the exquisite backwaters; all in the comfort of your private space.

    Spectacular Interiors

    Luxury lies in the details. Like how sensible and minimalistic designs shape the interiors of Blue Jelly Onyx. Naturally grandiose and spacious, the houseboat feels like a royal suite inside. Or shall we say, like a palace itself. Wait for the sun to go down, as the translucent Brazilian granites adorning the floor display a brilliant play of lighting from within.

    Experiential Bedrooms

    We have brought Experiential Travel into the comfort of your bedrooms in the Blue Jelly Onyx. Themed as ‘ultra-modern’, ‘homely’ and ‘royal traditional’, the gracious play of turquoise blue, baby pink and metallic brass characterise the rooms respectively; swaying one between time-periods, emotions and architectural creativity.

    Fully air-conditioned, the interiors have a common thread of natural teakwood flooring, four poster beds, antique heirlooms, hand stitched curtains and themed wardrobes. The additional charm is brought about by the care for artistic ingenuity like the stone clocks in each bedroom, contemporary wall designs, artwork and 3-D Spanish designer tiles inside the bathrooms. Single window panes offer stunning large-screen views of the backwaters flowing by; alongside a sense of absolute freedom and maximum space!

    Modern amenities like mini-fridge, double volume mattresses, elongated desks, LED lighting and LED TV provide you with your rightful entertainment; if ever needed.

    Exotic Menu

    What’s royalty without the best of home-grown cuisine? Indulge in dishes made from freshly plucked vegetables and freshly reeled seafood, prepared by internationally trained Chefs on board The Blue Jelly Onyx. Dig into jumbo prawns, sear fish, white pomfret, native duck, chicken, pork or any combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare as per your liking. If interested, join our Chefs and learn on-hand the art of cooking traditional Kerala dishes.

    Top Personnel

    We understand your need to feel at ease while traversing the numerous alleys of the backwaters. Which is why we have well-trained personnel accompanying you on your whirlwind tour of the region. Apart from being expert swimmers, the personnel are also trained to help you slide to safety in the event of any distress. For, onboard the palace among houseboats, you are nothing short of its rightful king.

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    Technical Specs

    • Length: 28.6 metres
    • Width: 4.88 metres
    • Depth: 1.4 metres
    • Generator: 15 kVA
    • Class: ULTRA LUXURY