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    There’s more to Kerala’s premier travel destination than houseboats. And we are here to give you a taste of them all.

    Kuttanad paddy fields

    The Kuttanad region, locally known as the rice bowl of Kerala, lies on the South-western side of Alleppey district and is a sight to behold. A natural environ, it is a sheer experiential destination especially during the monsoons, when the overcast sky and green fields resemble a work of art in progress. Replete with earthen experiences, there are several memories you can forge amidst its golden-green paddy fields and narrow mud bunds. To begin with, if you are up for some good ol’ fun, shake off those boots and sow some seeds with the farmer folk you see enroute. For more experiences ask us, and we’d be glad to introduce you to all of them.

    Rural Experiences

    The Kuttanad paddy fields surround charming villages, all of which carry traces of Anglo-Indian legacy and the 1800s Missionaries Movement of Central Kerala. Unpretentious from its first step, the villages of Alleppey are simple, beautiful and an ode to the effortless decades of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Pass by single-room homes adjacent to droopy coconut trees, make purchases from small-time traders rowing rickety canoes, or watch children run carefree through the village centre with a lollipop in their hand. This is the Kerala you witnessed from afar while on the houseboat. Now experience it live. Up close!

    PS: If you are looking for antiques and curios, do not miss the authentic heritage cum shopping experience offered at the open market in Champakulam village.

    Heritage Walk

    The district of Alleppey is well known for its ancient trade connections and superior waterways. The old marketplaces in town, the centuries old homes dotting the rural and urban landscape, the central backwater canal and the numerous churches & temples; all make this region a walking museum. Hop from one village to another, or from one backwater alley to another, as the Venice of the East shows you why it’s more than just a pretty name in the travel bucket list.

    Culinary Tour

    Whether you are a connoisseur of fine seafood, or wish to taste some sumptuous duck meat roasted and peppered with local spices, Alleppey is your place to be. From famed restaurants to roadside hut establishments selling toddy (fermented coconut sap), this region is the poster-boy of authentic Travancore cuisine. Several multi-cuisine restaurants have opened up along the arterial AC Road, and many of them cater to the wide tastes of those with a passion for good food. We know it, because we find happiness too in the company of good food.

    Water Sports

    With so much water around, engage in adventure and fun as per your interest. From riding water jets to banana boat rides to rowing your own canoe, or even watching a pair of gigantic 10 metre long snake boats race live, anything that has to do with water sports can be arranged to your liking. For those looking for a more relaxed activity, there is a lot of fish you can catch from the middle if you are a patient angler.

    Ayurveda Healing

    Take advantage of the region’s natural ambience on offer, to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul through any of the leading Ayurveda centres situated here. Blue Jelly has tied-up with the best centres adjoining paddy fields, as well as those facing the backwaters, to give you a wholesome experience. Knowing very well that a trip to Alleppey is incomplete without experiencing true Ayurveda, we are here to pamper you with it like no other. The upcoming Blue Jelly Marina will also offer in-house Ayurveda treatments by the end of this year.